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BrightPay offers providers an easy way to get paid and gives patients a convenient way to pay.

BrightPay’s mission is to empower 10,000,000 patients to make impactful decisions about their healthcare.

  • Market research has shown that more than 50% of patients have either
    delayed or forgone medical care because of costs.
  • In addition, research shows 78% of patients would choose a flexible
    payment option for medical services if their provider were to offer it.
  • Given that so many patients decline treatment plans because of coverage
    concerns it is clear paying for medical care is a concern.

Note: Market research was conducted by the BrightPay team which surveyed 200 participants across the country with various types of coverage plans and income brackets spanning from $25k – $187K.


Offers An Easy Way to Pay

BrightPay offers providers an easy way to get paid and provides patients a convenient way to pay.


Generates Revenue

BrightPay increases revenue by offering payment options flexible enough to attract patients who would otherwise delay or forgo care.


Positively Impacts AR

BrightPay will positively impact the Accounts Receivable by offering practices the ability to immediately collect partial payments when services are rendered and auto collect post treatment with the payment plan feature.


Reduces Cost

BrightPay will reduce the costs associated with outsourcing the payment processing task.

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Our App

BrightPay is a mobile application that offers the ability to pay providers conveniently and seamlessly via the application. The software will offer users the ability to pay for medical services with one or more providers.  Additionally, the program offers the practices the opportunity to accept flexible payment arrangements without having to spend a large amount of time managing these systems.

Login Page

Easily download the app for either Android or IPhone to set-up an account.


4 Features

The application will offer 4 features including the ability to send payments to your listed dentist and the ability to set-up a provider-approved payment plan within the app.

Send Payment

Send money in any amount needed directly from the application using either a bank account or major credit card.


Payment Plan

Conveniently propose a payment plan for an outstanding balance due or accept a proposed payment plan from your provider right from the phone.

Transaction History

Easily view your transaction history & past payments within the app as well.


Extending Access to Care is Our Mission



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